Jack Barnathan, BBA, DC, (ISSA) MFS, MSS, SFT, SPN

A Lifetime of breaking new ground and sharing bold innovations . . .  
  • Director of a community crisis / drug prevention Hotline
  • Host of the first ever national conference of crisis hotlines
  • Founder of one of the first Hotlines specifically for physically and learning disabled (before required by federal legislation)
All the above before the age of 21.  
  • Dr. Barnathan conceived the idea for a major National Symposium on Natural Fitness, which has become a significant annual educational event with Arnold Schwarzenegger serving as keynote each and every year - as an integral part of what has become the largest fitness expo in the world, again hosted by Governor Schwarzenegger.
  • Dr. Barnathan conceived and presented the first ever conference on "Space Exploration - Fitness Innovations" at the Kennedy Space Center with an audience of space scientists, training professionals, astronauts and the chief medical officer of NASA in attendance.  He was then thanked by the staff with a private "President's tour" of the facility, including the launch pad, vehical recovery building and more.  
  • Dr. Barnathan returned to lecture at the Kennedy Space Center on two more occasions, with his presentation recorded for future reference by facility staff by NASA Television.   
  • Dr. Barnathan is the creator of the Muscle, Mind & M o r e approach to Fitness Design, first revealed in a presentation at Donald Trump's world standard setting Spa, at Mar-a-lago, which utilized Dr. Barnathan's system for it's exclusive membership.  
  • Dr. Barnathan served among the first ever "Grass-Roots Directors" for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition
  • Dr. Barnathan was the creator and host of the first ever National Symposium of Fitness Councils in New York, for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.  
  • Dr. Barnathan was named among  the 50th Anniversary Partners of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.
  • Dr. Barnathan served for 8 years as a Board Member of the New York Sports and Fitness Alliance, which worked with the business community to promote fitness and physical activity in the community, in close conjunction with all other New York City organizations including the NY City Sports Commission.
  • Dr. Barnathan is the Innovator behind the Muscle Mastery System for Sports Physicians, Fitness Professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

Awards and Honors

• New York City Sports Commissioner Award for Outstanding Contributions

• IFBB Gold Medal Honoree

• Doctor of the Year

• Sports Doctor of the Year

• Marquis ‘Who’s Who’ in Health Care and Medicine

• The President’s Council on Nutrition, Sports and Fitness Certificate of Commendation

• Who’s Who in the World

• International Sports Sciences Association:
   Master of Fitness Sciences
   Master of Sports Sciences
   Certified in Exercise Therapy
   Specialist in Sports Nutrition

• Man of the Year 2012 for Innovations in Sports and Fitness,
presented at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Festival by the Governor

• Colorado University Sports Department Gold Medal for Educational Contributions
 Fellow of the American College of Chiropractors (a distinguished honor enacted by an act of Congress)
• The United States Presidential Certificate of Merit

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