Frequently asked Questions about
Consulting with Dr. Jack Barnathan

Be mentored one on one by Dr. Jack Barnathan.

This unique opportunity permits you the opportunity to be personally guided by Dr. Barnathan.

Our purpose is to help you create a powerful change


Branding both you, and your business / service to establish it as unique and one of a kind.  

If you take this step, then there is no longer competition.  You are established as invaluable in your service, and therefore become irreplaceable.

You’re no longer “just another trainer” (or whatever your professional specialty might be.  

You will be viewed as a one of a kind service.


Those securing an appointment for a one time consulting / brain-storming session, you will receive:

Our patented Visionairre™ Profile to complete which contains detailed questions to help you find, define and clearly focus your most important goals.

And hopefully choose to drop some efforts that are at best distracting you away from your goals, and at worst, costing you time, energy and money.

     Your savings here alone can pay for your tuition.

After you return the completed Visionairre™ Profile, you will make an appointment with us to have a “sit-down” brainstorming session with Dr. barnathan - either virtual over the phone (Dr. Barnathan feels it’s more effective since you should be taking extensive notes) or virtual if you desire via our server.


Meet Live one on one with Dr. Barnathan.  Live meetings must be approved by our office due to considerations of transportation, distance, etc.  If it is in the NYC / Long Island area a lunch or coffee meeting at a restaurant or your facility can be arranged.  Beyond this area will require discussion regarding additional cost.

You will meet for a minimum of 2 hours, possibly longer if Dr. Barnathan deems it appropriate and / or necessary to complete the work at hand.

At your meeting you will discuss information uncovered through the Visionairre™.  Expect to take notes in what will be an active discussion with a clear goal: to have you leave with action steps designed by Dr. Barnathan to have you begin that day with concrete steps toward your goal.


For those taking the important step of being coached by Dr. Barnathan throughout the year, you will receive: 

  • “Check-in” reviews each week (via e-mail) to discuss progress, answer questions regarding your progress.
  • Conferences on the phone twice a month - at least an hour, where you discuss your work, assignments, brainstorm ideas and specific strategies for achieving success.
  • “Full Access Availability” for questions and support in achieving your goals.
  • Full Tuition guest invitations to several workshops / events offered by Dr. Barnathan throughout the year* (selected by Dr. Barnathan to support you in specific skills he is helping you develop.  Workshops vary each year and will be determined specifically for each client).
  • Support in designing your marketing material to focus your message specifically to the community you need most to reach.  Including support in public speaking, event coordination and other forms of education / promotion.  
  • Opportunities for “Friend-Working” (networking with meaning) among Dr. Jack Barnathan’s consulting client community, his private Master of Fitness Design / Life-Style Design web pages (completely private to only our community), and the Experts & Artisans™ from Dr. Jack Barnathan’s private consulting group.  These are people it would take you years to meet on your own - if ever at all!   And you will have a special introduction as a member of Dr. Barnathan’s professional “family” to individuals and organizations he “friend-works” with, to help you grow.
  • Long-Term projects like books, scripts, studio design, blog design, etc can be worked into your specific goals for the year with Dr. Barnathan by your side all along the way.


Consult with Dr. Jack Barnathan to...

  • Developing your “Brand” - the foundation that defines who and what you are and stand for.  And, doing so in a way that establishes you as you as absolutely unique, and one of a kind (therefore, irreplaceable) to the market that needs you most.  If you do not find and fine tune your brand, nothing else can follow.
  • Create the direction and change necessary for a lasting achievement and success.  
  • Corporate Excellence in focusing your message with your employees playing a powerful role in defining you to the market you need to reach.  Employ training and motivational / educational support for exceptional client service is available.
  • Designing your Book, Web Presence, lecture programs, educational information etc to best share your unique best to that market that truly needs you the most.
  • Exceptional Support in Personal Transformation.  Change your image and services to position yourself as centered, certain and strong in representing your brand and service.  Especially effective for the entrepreneur seeking to change the image and scope of service for both themselves, and their business.  One of a kind support from our international Experts & Artisans™ is available to guide you in this important step, including guidance from world champion athletes / Master of Fitness Design Honorees, Chefs who cooked for Julia Child, personal style and design experts known world-wide for their artistry, and more.
  • Event / Workshop Design:  Dr. Barnathan can bring any of his acclaimed workshops and events to your facility and even craft a unique program for your staff or clients (or both) to add his authority and accomplishment to your marketing and educational programs.  An invaluable took for growth.

You can learn more at our consulting web page


Or call our office and ask for Nicole Bruno, Executive Director, to discuss an appointment availability.


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