Dr. Jack Barnathan

Professional Experience

President, New York Strength, Inc.

Director of Fitness Sciences and Lead Instructor for the International Sports Sciences Association
Speaker for the American Academy of Anti-aging Fitness Doctor of Chiropractic in private practice specializing in sports injury prevention and care

Member, Post Graduate Faculty of New York Chiropractic College

Member, New York City Amateur Sports Alliance

Volunteer, NYC 2012 Olympic Bid Committee for City of New York

Guest lecturer, Kennedy Space Center Fitness Training Center, Cape Canaveral FL

Pro Judge for the International Federation of Bodybuilders

Sports Chiropractor for the International Federation of Bodybuilders

Special guest speaker and consultant to the Olympia Fitness Weekend and Pro Bodybuilding competition

Consultant to the Miss Universe / Miss USA / Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageants

Special guest instructor at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend VIP Training Seminar, lecturing on Peak Performance and sharing the same stage with Governor Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris

Fitness Consultant to Donald Trump’s Palm Beach spa “Mar-a-lago”

Professional consultant to MET-Rx, an international leader in sports supplementation and nutrition

Member, New York City Ballet Guild

Sports Chiropractic consultant to the Eastern Amputee Athletic

Association and Tri-State Wheelchair Athletic Association

Founding President, International Chiropractors Association Council on Fitness & Sports Health Sciences

Founder and Chairman, National Symposium on Natural Fitness held in conjunction with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend, with Mr. Schwarzenegger serving as keynote speaker

Telephone Crisis Counselor & Director of Community Crisis Counseling Center

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